Kelsey Lamb "Miss Me Don't" Song Review

From her time on American Song Contest as the representative for Arkansas to her work on various movies, including Christmas in Homestead, Kelsey Lamb has proven herself to be a rising star in the country music industry. The singer-songwriter has released a new single today called “Miss Me Don’t.”

The break-up track takes on an empowering feel that calls for the listener to stand up to those that have wronged them. Lamb’s definitive tone shows itself from the get-go as she sings, “I bet you wonder if I’ll ever take you back / But boy don’t waste your time / I’ve gotten past the past.” She has declared she’s done with the man that broke her heart, and the song inspires its listener to do the same.

Lamb has been praised by country stars such as Kelly Clarkson for her vocals and talent in the country genre. Her climb to fame has been quick, her first release, “Little by Little,” was released in 2018. Her hard work is evident, she has started a career and advanced it in the middle of the pandemic, which did nothing to hold her back. It’s no wonder the Arkansas-native has written such an empowering song for country fans everywhere to listen to during, or after, a heartbreak.

"Miss Me Don't" is still upbeat, and the country twang that Lamb’s voice has is an excellent contribution to the genre. She makes it clear she won’t suffer because of someone else’s actions. She shows her resistance by stating with confidence, “You might be missing me / But I ain’t missing you.” Empowering songs like this show how influenced she was by female country artists like Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Alison Krauss, who often sing about love and loss with the same strength as Lamb. Break-up songs are common, but Lamb’s is anything but run-of-the-mill

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