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Kelsey Lamb "Too Much History" Song Review

Kelsey Lamb is no doubt an up-and-coming singer songwriter to keep your eye out for. Her last release was “Heartbreak Away” which was an inspiring love story released in August of 2022. She takes a deeper dive into what love stories can sometimes look like in her new single, “Too Much History”.

It’s hard to not be immediately drawn into this soulful and sad song with the first lyrics of the song being “It was probably bound to happen / and then one night it did / too many friends in common / askin’ where you been / and I thought it’d be harmless runnin’ into you / and damn you look better than I remember / but I guess you always do”. Pairing the lyrics with Lamb’s pure, but also soulful voice, creates an emotional song that most can likely relate to. It’s easy to hear the pain and emotion in her voice in the story that she tells through this song. It feels like the perfect song to listen to while the seasons change to fall and winter.

Lamb is no stranger to country music. Born and raised in Little Rock, AR, she has been performing since she was ten years old. Since moving to Nashville and stepping further into the music industry, Lamb has opened for Kenny Rogers, performed with Alan Thicke on the Kenny Rogers’ “The Toy Shoppe Tour” and with Thicke again at B.B. Kings in NYC in 2016. Not only is she a rising-star in the music industry, but Lamb has also been making a name for herself in movies. You can find her in Hallmark’s “Christmas in Homestead” and “Traces”. Songs have also been featured in movies, such as the single “Warning Sign” in the Lifetime Original Movie, “Bad Stepmother”.

Love can be complicated, messy, and, sometimes, sad. Lamb connects with her audience by sharing real and raw feelings that can come with loving someone. Somehow she manages to create the feel of understanding, inclusivity, and relatability in her songs while sharing a powerful story. Influenced by the likes of Alison Krauss, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Thomas Rhett, and more, Lamb continues to share songs that tell her story and connect with her listeners.

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