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Kenny Chesney Returns To the Stage

For thousands and thousands of fans across the country, Kenny Chesney has brought his electric live show to their home towns for years. This past Saturday was no different, No Shoes Nation showed up in droves to watch their long time favorite artist bring that incredible show back to the stage.

Kenny Chesney Metlife 2022
Kenny Chesney and Kenny Greenberg Credit Jill Trunnell

After postponing two tours because of the pandemic, Chesney has made his triumphant return to touring with the Here and Now Tour. This go around he has brought Carly Pearce, Old Dominion, and Dan + Shay as support. As the tour rolled into MetLife Stadium which is located in New Jersey but sits right on the outskirts of Manhattan, they celebrated a milestone unlike any other. To the exact day, it had been 11 years since Chesney had played the venue for the very first time.

“Some places just come to be in the music,” Chesney said after the show. “MetLife blew our minds 11 years ago, and they came even harder tonight. To hear them sing those songs, to rave the way they did; they raised the bar once again. As a summer I couldn’t imagine keeps coming, everyone onstage knew this was one for the books even as the show was going down.”

Carly Pearce, one of the hottest rising female acts at the moment and reigning ACM and CMA Female Vocalist of the Year welcomed fans to the tour by playing some of her biggest hits of her career including "Every Little Thing", "Next Girl", "Hide the Wine" and her current radio single "What He Didn't Do". Her impeccable delivery and fiery live set left fans wanting more, she was the absolute perfect opener for the night.

Next up, Old Dominion brought the fun and their biggest hits as well to the stage. The group who are also the reigning ACM and CMA Group of the Year not only sang songs like "Snapback", "Break Up With Him", "One Man Band", and "I Was On a Boat That Day" but they also covered the Foo Fighters' "Learn to Fly" and since we were in New Jersey, one of their heroes, Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days".

Dan + Shay took the stage just as the sun started to set on a perfect summer day. Their set included throw backs to their debut project like "19 You and Me" and tracks from their most recent release like "Glad You Exist". A highlight of the entire night was when Dan stopped the show, thinking someone was in distress only to find out that a couple had gotten engaged! The entire stadium cheered as the duo congratulated them.

Finally, Kenny Chesney took the stage to an eruption from the audience. You could immediately tell that the fans that were in attendance had missed the opportunity to catch his live show over the past few years due to the pandemic and were just happy to be there and be singing along with one of the all time greats. He didn't skip a beat, no breaks, one song melding into another, his performance was top notch and his energy level, unmatched.

Whether a hit from the late 90s like "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" or a track from his latest project like "Knowing You" - his voice was better than the recording, as he ran up and down the cat walk and all over the stage.

Chesney has a way of commanding a stadium like no other country artist and with his sheer amount of hits, it's impossible to play them all. His set included his big number one records, a few throw back songs, and even invited Brad and Matt from Old Dominion to join him for "Save It For A Rainy Day".

“You live these songs,” Chesney marveled. “You come to these stadiums and see the faces, share the moments and it becomes your life, my life. It’s why I like to say No Shoes Nation is the most passionate place on earth. No matter what we throw at the people who come out, they bring it back to us with just as much heart and just as much fire. Whether it’s a birthday or ‘There Goes My Life,’ the people who come out come with everything they’ve got – and I am so grateful for it.”

With four more cities and four more stadiums left on this tour - if you can you should absolutely try and catch this live show. The talent is unmatched and it truly is wonderful to have live music back full force.

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