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Kimberly Perry 'Bloom' EP Review

Kimberly Perry is stepping into the spotlight all on her own with a new EP. The aptly titled Bloom represents where she is in her life and career. Like the springtime, this project feels like a powerful rebirth.

As many will remember, Perry was one-third of The Band Perry. The trio dominated the charts with hits such as "Chainsaw," "Better Dig Two," and the timeless "If I Die Young." As the siblings have opted to venture out as individuals, Perry has "bloomed" both personally and creatively. Upon releasing "If I Die Young Pt. 2," listeners have gotten a taste of the reflection and perspective found on the new EP. These songs are simplistic and understated, rooted in the tales of the South. It's safe to say Perry has never sounded better.

"Ghosts" is a haunting yet sweet love song. Perry's affinity with death and the afterlife could be seen as a theme in most of her new music. The singer proclaims that her love runs so deep, it's bound to live on even after she is gone. "Smoke Em Too" also carries the sentiment of deep love. Line by line, Perry describes how she can feel as free as ever while still being married. To feel like one doesn't have to compromise their individuality to be with another is what everyone strives for. She sings, "Tonight I don’t have to choose / Between being myself and being with you / Under that Tennessee moon I believe my wildest dreams come true / Sometimes getting what you want means there’s something you’ve gotta lose / But right here in your arms, there’s nothing I can’t do."