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Kimberly Perry "If I Die Young Pt. 2" Song Review

The first single off Kimberly Perry’s debut solo EP, BLOOM, is a call back to one of The Band Perry’s most famous tunes. Indicating the tragic end of a life, the original “If I Die Young," was about mourning and contemplating mortality. Her new hit, “If I Die Young Pt. 2” is a celebration of growth and coming into oneself, which is a refreshing feeling as we head into the summer.

The tone shift from the original starts at the very beginning. With a fiddle leading us in, the tune already feels lighter than with a full band and a banjo. This song also has smooth transitions between sections that help with this airy feeling. The soft bridge into the loud and alternate chorus at the end of the song is a great way to end such a beautiful track.

Vocally, Perry hasn’t missed a beat. Her warm, but crisp vocals help welcome us into this transitional period with her. It shines throughout this tune but has a cool moment before the bridge when she’s vocalizing over the fiddle’s solo, and it’s a cool break in between the choruses. Along with singing, Perry continues to prove her lyrical prowess. The original song has famously good lyrics, and this updated version follows suit. Lines like, “Paid me no attention / But I sent up a prayer like a child’s premonition” seem simple, but are deceivingly complex. They’re great storytelling lyrics that captivate the audience.