King Calaway Feat. Lainey Wilson “Good Time To Me” Song Review

King Calaway, composed of the talented Caleb Miller, Chris Deaton, Simon Dumas, and Chad Michael Jervis, is known to be one of Country music’s fastest rising bands. On January 2nd, they set the bar super high for new music in the new year with the release of the live version of their track “Good Time To Me” featuring one of Country music’s most promising young stars, and one of our 2022 Emerging Artists, Lainey Wilson.

The accomplished musicians dedicated their 2021 year to honing their craft as singer-songwriter instrumentalists, leading them into the new year with a brand new modern country sound. This is clearly evident when listening to their song “Good time To Me.”

The rowdy new track is full of searing vocals, feel-good lyrics, and very high energy. The country music risers performed the roaringly fun track for a packed-out crowd in downtown Nashville and immediately felt the crowd’s hype towards it. Everybody is ready for a good time, and King Calaway and Wilson prove they will provide fans with one.

King Calaway

You can’t help but move your body and feel good when listening to the new track, which is what the world is in need of. From beginning to end, their voices and energetic vibe keep you locked in, giving you no choice but to listen to the song at max volume. The lyrical content sheds light on exactly what it sounds like to let loose and have a good time.

“If there’s a quarter in the jukebox / Spend it on Brooks and Dunn / Boot-scootin’ ‘cross the dance floor / Country girls turnin’ up / If I can hear them bottles poppin’ / Ice droppin’ in a glass / I think I may just drop in if it sounds anything like that / And it sounds like a good time.”

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