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Kip Moore Discusses his New Album 'Damn Love'

Kip Moore is no stranger to the music business. The singer has been a seasoned pro in country music for many years but is always eager to create something new. He thrives off of his passion for the craft, as well as his love for the fans. His new album Damn Love speaks to that drive. Moore discussed this new project, touring overseas, and how he sees his own career.

Many know of Moore from past songs "Something 'Bout A Truck," "Hey Pretty Girl," and "Beer Money." He was riding high from radio singles and touring, always feeling busy. The pandemic that hit in 2020 was one of the first periods of his career where he felt the room to breathe. “I think it was the most creative I’ve ever been, because I’ve always internally craved solitude, and I was in it every day,” Moore explains. He continues, “That part was soul-filling for me.”

Moore co-produced this fifth studio album and co-wrote every song except for one. The 13 tracks represent where he is at creatively. “There’s a reason love and relationships have been written about so much – and why they continue to get written about,” Moore says. “Because at the core of us, that’s what we desire the most. I still crave that companionship down deep in my DNA, and that’s where Damn Love comes from. The minute that fire for music ever

subsides, that’s when I’ll walk away. But right now, it’s burning as hot as ever.”

When asked what his personal favorite off of the project is, it proved to be a tough decision. "You know it changes by the day. It seems to depend on what kind of mood I'm in. If I had to say, I'd say 'Another Night In Knoxville,'" he shares. He explained how that song, and much of the album, was written very differently from the previous releases. "Usually songs will come to me in fragments. I'll pull lyrics here and there and pick up a guitar and try out different riffs. I'll start humming around and fragmented lyrics will fall out. But this time, the songs I was writing came out in one complete canvas."