Kip Moore “Good Life” Song Review

Trailblazing, multi-platinum singer-songwriter Kip Moore is back with a new single “Good Life” released April 23rd and produced by the incomparable Jay Joyce. The upbeat track gives us a peek at what’s to come in Moore’s 5th studio album. Moore is known for having a fiercely devoted fanbase for his Southern rock sound that spans beyond the US to the UK, Australia, Europe, and Canada. 

Born in Tifton, Georgia, Moore’s steady success has included four albums, four number 1 hits including “Somethin’ Bout A Truck”, “Hey Pretty Girl”, “Beer Money” and “More Girls Like You”. His most recent studio album Wild World was released to thunderous applause for tracks like his top 15 single, “She’s Mine.” 

The “Good Life” hits the road running with funky, upbeat energy from the opening drum beats and electric guitar that draw us right into the groove. Moore immediately captures the listener’s full attention with mindful lyrics that take unabashed ownership of the hardships he’s faced.

Kip Moore Good Life

I’ve been hypnotized by a deep-sea diver. Been sucker-punched by a red-neck mother. Been plagiarized by my own damn brother.”

This poetic anthem for the ages is fun to sing along with and stays true to the thoughtful, introspective side of Moore that has captured so many fans’ hearts. The entirety of this track feels timed to reflect a life lived, from the haste of the initial beat to its abrupt end and every moment of pause and reflection in between. Moore briskly lists moments of sorrow and misfortune like bullet points then proudly highlights the good parts of life with an uplifting chorus that is bold, repeated, and underlined with intent.

The dichotomous highs and lows of this song fully embrace and reflect the ups and downs of “living a good life. I wouldn’t change it if I could life.”

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