Kip Moore Revisits “Crazy One More Time”

Georgia’s renowned multi-platinum singer-songwriter Kip Moore revisits his well-loved song “Crazy One More Time” in a fresh and riveting performance. “There is a history there, but now it has this new life sonically since we went back in the studio and recut it. ” Moore expressed in a press release about his hit song. “This song has evolved over the years thanks to the fans. When we play it at shows the fans sing it as loud as my biggest songs, and if I don’t play it it’s the one that I get requested to play the most. I’m excited to go on this journey with this track at country radio.”After its initial release in 2012, the song gained traction and became a strong favorite of Kip Moore’s fanbase. “Crazy One More Time” has been on a long journey and returns to be sung loud and proud by Moore in this revisited version.

The song begins with an instrumental bridge composed of guitar strums, piano notes, and drumbeats strolling into play. This amalgam of tunes builds momentum and invites the listener to tap their foot alongside it. It officially kicks off as Moore comes in with his unique grizzly voice; his vocals are confident and assertive – leading us towards an exciting fun time.

“Yeah come on out, take my hand / Feel my heart, girl understand / I gotta thunder pounding in my chest.”

Kip Moore lights up a fire, welcoming audiences to get up and dance to his song. The instrumental and lyrics of “Crazy One More Time (Revisited)” are uplifting and reassuring. This song is about reuniting with someone from his past and reigniting their bond; there’s a sense of nostalgia pumping through the veins of the track.

“Hey yeah, can’t see you as nothing but mine / And girl tonight, let’s go crazy one more time.”

"Crazy One More Time (Revisited)" by Kip Moore

In the hopes of reliving good times, Moore encourages us all to “go crazy one more time.” He has us all dancing and rocking to this genre-defying song. Moore’s polished rendition of the fan-favorite tune is, without a doubt, a go-to song to kick off any party or night out on the town. You can catch Kip Moore’s hit in person at one of his concerts when he starts touring this February. For more information about Moore’s upcoming shows, visit his website here.

“Crazy One More Time (Revisited)” is available now to enjoy on all streaming platforms and will officially be released on country radio today, Monday, January 24th.

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