Kylie Morgan “Independent With You” Song Review

Oklahoma native Kylie Morgan is a rising star and has been named an artist to watch by CMT amongst others. Her debut EP, Love, Kylie, was released last year, and now she’s beginning 2022 with a new single titled, “Independent With You.”

Fans heavily demanded this track after Morgan teased parts of the song online. In a press release, Morgan shared that after discovering the importance of her music through fan feedback, she didn’t release the song for herself but rather “for all the independent souls out there.” The new track has a personal but relatable message of individuality that resonates with many. Morgan pulls together a powerful song with her vocal twang and honest writing.

In an anthem of liberty, Morgan puts feelings into a story for those who couldn’t find the right words to tell. “Independent With You” validifies the desire to find a relationship where independence can occur, when both partners can be who they are without changing.

"Independent With You" by Kylie Morgan

“Can I stand on my own feet / While you hold my hand?”

Morgan is reaching out to assure others that they can do things themselves, and they don’t always need to sacrifice self-determination and values for a stable, happy relationship. This free-spirited tune acts as a form of comforting and confident assurance.

“With you as my man / I can let you in without changing who I am.”

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