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Kylie Morgan "P.S." EP Review

Singer-songwriter Kylie Morgan has released her anticipated new EP, P.S. This is the follow-up to her 2021 EP titled Love Kylie.

Morgan's writing ability has been on an upward slope ever since she began at age 12. After years of releasing music independently, she made Nashville her official home by the time she was 19. Morgan caught industry attention with her songs and captivating voice, eventually signing the SMACKSongs team. Grammy award winning writer/producers Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne took Morgan under their wing to help craft her into the artist she is today. P.S. is produced by McAnally, Ben Johnson, and Eric Belz.

Morgan had already given fans the opening track "Independent With You." This song speaks to wanting to be with someone while remaining true to yourself. "Can I stand on my own two feet, while you hold my hand, can i be my own woman, with you as my man." "Love Like We're Drunk," also previously released, showcases Morgan's energy. The spirited song is about craving the fun-loving part of love rather than the messiness people find themselves in.

A song that has been making it's rounds on TikTok before its release is, "If He Wanted To He Would." With a message as plain and simple as the title suggests, there's no question why it became popular on social media. The snippet alone caused so many to relate to it, and it is bound to be Morga