Kyndon Oakes "Better" Song Review

Singer-songwriter Kyndon Oakes released his latest single “Better” last Friday, April 29th. Having grown up in a small town and later moving to Nashville, Oakes has always had an interest in music. After pursuing sports and exercise science in college, Oakes is now a private banker on top of being a recording musician. He was part of the trio Lockeland for three years and opened for artists like Aaron Watson, Kip Moore, Big & Rich, and Cam. Now, as a solo artist, Oakes has released two singles and plans to release a full album later this year.

Written with Renn Anderson, “Better” is a tender love song focused on appreciating all the wonderful ways in which healthy relationships can change people. “After spending so much time on my own and reflecting on what I want in a relationship, I realized that everybody wants someone who loves them for who they are,” said Oakes in a press release about “Better.” “I met someone who accepted me and it caused me to grow and change for the better. For the first time in my life, I am experiencing love in a different and beautiful way.”

The chorus makes a powerful statement on this invaluable acceptance and unrelenting growth as he sings, “You’re Better for the life that I was livin’ / You’re Better for the ways I had to change and be forgiven / 'Cause the man I am is different than the man I thought I’d be / Because you’re better / You make me better / Than who I used to be.”

Oakes’ soft-spoken style and calming musical choices make “Better” an enjoyable song to listen to. The official music video for “Better” is set to drop in the coming weeks.

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