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Lady A ‘What A Song Can Do’ Full Length Album Review

Following the late June release of What A Song Can Do (Chapter One), Lady A finally completes the album with seven new tracks that both revisits and expands on the trio’s roots in country music. Being their first complete album release after their name change, the trio makes it clear that their roots are still grounded in their previous work with help from other artists such as Thomas Rhett, Carly Pearce, Ryan Hurd, and more! Lady A defines their sound as contemporary country, soft rock, and melodic pop throughout the entire album.

Lady A member, Dave Haywood, makes his debut as a vocalist in “Workin’ on This Love”– an ode of emotion and love he shares that he wrote as a gift for his wife. “It started as just a song I wrote for my wife for Mother’s Day this year. I actually didn’t buy her a gift. I just wrote her a song. And I’ve always wanted to do that for her… I just thought ‘Man, it might be neat, a different character or a different flavor for fans to hear from me on one.’” Knowing this, just makes the track even more vulnerable and intimate for devoted fans and new listeners alike.

Track nine has the potential to break country music records with not just Lady A’s contribution, but that of friends Carly Pearce, Thomas Rhett, and Darius Rucker featured. Haywood shares in a comment on “Friends Don’t Let Friends”, “These are all really good friends of ours, genuinely. We wanted to make sure it felt real and authentic. These are all friends that we hang out with when we’re back at home or before and after events in Nashville or award shows. So that made it a fun party.” All that Haywood says is already clear just in the first listen of this song. The friend group’s voices flow together flawlessly, just confirming this isn’t their first time jamming out together.

You know friends don’t let friends drink alone / Gotta have a little help to get that memory gone / If you’re gonna make a bad decision, you shouldn’t make it on your own / Yeah, friends don’t let friends drink alone”

“In Waves” gives us a sense of those first few months after a breakup where the comfortability of the other person still lingers in waves. The popular saying “missing you comes in waves” highlights the song, but Lady A seamlessly gives it individuality with their unique sound. On the other side of the aftermath of a breakup, hit “You Keep Thinking That” has Hillary Scott singing in her own confident sound against the twangy beat “I hate to break it to ya / I’m doin’ better since you been gone / Sorry boy, you got it all wrong / But you keep thinkin’ that.” The placement of “You Keep Thinking That” just after “In Waves” is genius on Lady A’s part, giving their listeners that have been on either side of the story a chance to sing along.

“Be That For You” features writing credit from both Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood, along with Corey Crowder. “I’ll be your steady, I’ll be your strong / I’ll be your hold on ti