Lady A ‘What A Song Can Do’ Part 1 Album Review

After listening to Lady A’s newest song collection you’ll know just What A Song Can Do. This EP is just the first chapter of Lady A’s newest songs, during the quarantine the band took a break to rediscover their original sound and from that time these seven tracks were born.

“Talk of This Town” has a sound that is reminiscent of one of their original hit songs “Need You Now” with more grown-up and mature lyrics. The slow but heartbreakingly beautiful song details an ended relationship that everyone they knew would be talking about while they just wanted to move on. The title track of the album, “What a Song Can Do” gives off main character vibes. The harmonies in this song are beautiful, Lady A sings of how much a song can impact a person’s attitude and maybe even their life. A song can give you the courage to make big life decisions or make you believe in love. Lady A has written your new goin’-out-on-the-town song with “Like A Lady”, it’s all about having the best time while being unapologetically yourself. No girl’s night out song is complete without a nod to Shakira and this song can make anyone get on their feet and dance the night away with their girlfriends.

Lady A What A Song Can Do

“Things He Handed Down” is a slow, meaningful track about appreciating what you have and living life to the fullest. Never taking advantage of the time you have with someone because you never know when they won’t be there anymore. The song “Fire” is about finding strength after you have gone through a difficult time and building yourself up until you are a roaring fire. While “Chance of Rain” tells you to take risks even though they may scare you. The last song on the EP, “Worship What I Hate” reminds us to focus on the future so we can become better than we used to be instead of thinking about how we used to be.

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