Laine Hardy ‘Here’s To Anyone’ Album Review

Laine Hardy started making waves in the music industry by winning Season 17 of American Idol. ABC News Radio praised him, labeling his sound as “pure classic country nostalgia” and Taste of Country acknowledge his ability to “nod to his country upbringing.” On August 28th, Hardy made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry and he also announced his Monster Energy Outbreak tour dates which run through the end of 2021, all while going on to release several singles.

Today, September 17th Hardy is releasing his debut album titled, Here’s To Anyone. Produced by Michael Knox, Here’s To Anyone is a collection of relatable tracks that any country fan will love. These 11 tracks glue together his pre-released singles into a cohesive project giving the listener a little glimpse into Hardy’s soul and upbringing. The album opens up with “Authentic” which gives the understanding that every track moving forward will be unapologetically true to him and his life. Continuing with the upbeat groove, the songs following are “For a Girl” and “Here’s to Anyone.”

Just in time to get the mood right, Hardy shifts gears throwing two love songs into the mix. He shows his vulnerable and passionate side in a refreshing pour-your-guts-out manner. “One of Those” and “Comin’ Down” are the perfect stare-off-into-the-distance-day-dreaming kind of tracks. In the blink of an eye, Hardy will whisk you away to a field of fireflies. The rest of the album finishes out with two of his other pre-released singles “Ground I Grew Up On” and “Tiny Town” as well as a couple of other tracks and a hidden gem titled “Other LA”. This track hits the tail end of the album but has some of the wittiest and most accurate lyrics. Here’s To Anyone is well-rounded with topics that are both emotional and clever.

Laine Hardy

Hardy starts off with an edgy feel by directly implying that his debut album is authentic, and he achieves just that. All throughout the project, there are hints of Louisiana, his native state, and emotional attachment in relationships. Not to mention a strong reminisce of his hometown, as well as a slight sense of loss in “California Won’t” and “Tiny Town.” This album flows harmoniously causing listeners to crave more of his twangy southern vocals. Fans are sure to be raising a toast with the release of Hardy’s debut album “Here’s to Anyone”.

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