Lainey Wilson “Two Story House” Song Review

In honor of National Sister’s Day on August 1st, country singer Lainey Wilson dropped a track called “Two Story House.” In an Instagram post that was accompanied with childhood photos, Wilson told fans “It’s crazy how two sisters can grow up with the same raising, keep those life lessons so close to their hearts, but still be so different.” Using vivid imagery, Wilson tells an authentic story of childhood, growth, and once again, shows her beautiful way with words.

This song is a tug on the heartstrings for anyone who grew up with a sibling who you might’ve not found much in common with even though you were raised by the same parents, in the same house, and in the same town. The instrumental is gentle, as Wilson’s sympathetic vocals are played parallel to only an acoustic guitar that plays throughout. During the second verse, soft drums come as well as tinges of an electric guitar make an entrance to add more layering in the sound.

The title itself is a metaphorical attention grabber. “Two Story House” not only acts as the place where the story of the song takes place, but explains that the two sisters Wilson describes, have grown into and written two of their very storybooks that are uniquely different. The second verse captures the meaning eloquently as Wilson sings softly, “Her dream was diamond rings and having babies / And mine was guitar strings and a pot of gold / And to this day she calls me up and calls me crazy / And I just kinda laugh and say ‘I know.’” There’s also universal notes of childhood and innocence as Wilson captures pictures on mom’s fridge, looking out the windows, wishing on the stars, and sharing a small bedroom with a sibling.

"Two Story House" by Lainey Wilson

Just like “Things A Man Oughta Know,” “Two Story House” shows Wilson’s ability to look intrinsically and displays her wise view of the world and the people in her life.

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