LANCO “First Beer” Song Review

LANCO just dropped a brand new song for fans titled “First Beer”.

First Beer LANCO

The first thing you hear when listening closely to “First Beer” is what sounds like a heartbeat that sets the song off with an unforgettable pulse. What comes next is a lovely fingerpicking guitar sound that adds an acoustic feeling before the vocals chime in and the instrumental picks up. “First Beer” is a follow-up single to LANCO’s “Near Mrs” which was released about two months ago. “Near Mrs” is a pure, direct love song to a person whereas “First Beer,” also classified as a love song, feels more about the fondness you have for your younger, more carefree years and the people who happened to be by your side.

As the title suggests, the song is all about remembering the time you had your very first beer. The lyrics are nostalgic as it creates a vivid scene that is relatable to everyone: the first time you drank, who you were drinking with, and what that drink tasted like (whether you enjoyed it or not.) In the lyrics, LANCO describes it as a memory that “was crystal clear” and even compares it to a movie scene. The track sounds like sitting around a bonfire at a highschool graduation party, unsure of what’s to come but still appreciating the memories that were made. It has the power to remind listeners of the good ol’ days and the feelings of growing up, both the good and the bad parts that come with it.

The bridge is undoubtedly the best part of the song. It keeps building and building as the main vocals along with the standout backing vocals intensify with the hard hitting drums and guitars. The lyrics go, “As the years go by and the memories fade / there’s a night in July that always stays / because I remember my first beer” and the song crashes like a wave back into the catchy chorus. 

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