Lauren Alaina ‘Sitting Pretty on Top Of The World’ Album Review

Multi-platinum-selling singer/songwriter Lauren Alaina is a force to be reckoned with and continues to prove she has the total package of a star. She has obtained three No. 1 hit singles in just under three years and after writing all of the songs herself on both of her EPs that were released in 2020, Getting Over Him EP and Getting Good EP, it’s evident why she’s played on some of the highest-profile stages in the world.

Today, Friday, September 3rd, the Georgia native released her third full-length album on Mercury Nashville, titled Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World. In a press release, Alaina expresses how connected she feels to this new album. “It’s about a dreamer becoming an achiever. It’s being broken and ending up healed. It’s all of me. The early chapters. The new beginnings. The hope for the future and total appreciation for the past. Taking the Road Less Traveled and ending up Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World.”

The 15 track masterpiece, including 6 pre-released songs, is made up of tunes that are powerful and heartfelt, showing the growth of the superstar, and allowing fans to see that even a sassy southerner like Alaina gets knocked off her feet sometimes. The project opens with pre-released “It Was Me” and immediately we are invited to see Alaina’s vulnerable side, setting up the project to be a meaningful one. In the chorus, she sings “But if I’m being honest, boy / I wasn’t being that honest, boy / Had some ghosts in my closet / I had to set free / Had to unpack that baggage boy / Yeah, I had to drown out all the noise / So I could see, That it wasn’t you / I didn’t love / It was me.” Admitting those words to yourself or anyone isn’t easy, and it goes to show that as strong as a singer she is, she’s an even stronger person. Other songs on the album like “On Top Of The World”, “Good Ole Boy”, “I’m Not Sad Anymore”, and the ending track “Change My Mind” are also ones that are slow tempo with a powerful delivery through her sincere lyrics.

The entire project exemplifies the Georgia native’s growth but specific songs like “Run”, “When The Party’s Over”, “You Ain’t A Cowboy”, and “Goodbye Street” highlight some of the things she’s learned from going through times. The release of this album is going to be medicine for anyone with a broken heart and for the artist, it’s going to be another project that climbs the country charts.

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