Lauren Davidson ‘Hindsight is 2020’ EP Review

Up and coming country music artist Lauren Davidson describes herself as “a little bit country, with a rock & roll soul”. Fresh out of the New York City/Jersey area, she blends her city girl background with the tones of Nashville country and rock to create her own personal sound. With that and the events of 2020, Lauren Davidson creates the Hindsight is 2020 EP that goes into depth with her own experience during quarantine and finding herself through music.

“I fell back in love with music this year. Maybe I never actually fell out of love with it, but I felt disconnected from it in many ways. 2020 came with deep-seated reflection in a way I’ve never explored before and each of these songs is a product of that.”

The seven track EP includes various songs released throughout 2020, and a brand new single as the title track, “Hindsight”. “Backfire” was the second of these songs released on March 19th, 2021, a year after the world shut down. The spunky song, however, comes out of the hard times with a fiery and upbeat sound, filled with hopeful lyrics written by Davidson herself with the help of Adam McDonough.

“Before this life gets good / Before I’m understood / I know it gets a little harder / And when it breaks my heart / I keep my eyes beyond the stars / ‘Cause I wanna go farther / May be a bridge that I’m burnin’ / But I know that it’s worth it / I light the match and wait for the backfire”

“Silver Linings” follows along the same theme as Davidson belts, “Got no time to waste on things I know that I can’t change / So I’m lookin’ for the good in every day” and we’ve never sung along to something so willfully. Davidson’s powerful track leads us to hear these words and sing them out truthfully for ourselves, celebrating the “silver linings” in our own lives. “Live In The Light” is another track that wills us through the challenges in our lives with comforting and relatable lyrics.

“We need each other’s love / So we can all make it through / Now there are no shades of grey / Yeah, the brightness ain’t so far away / No, it ain’t so far away / Can’t we live in the light? Can’t we see that every soul shines bright? / When the darkness comes our way / Why can’t we help each other fight? / Why can’t we live in the light?”

May release, “Thinking About You”, more recent September release, “A Little Love” and October release, “I Don’t Need Your Reason” brings in the vulnerability of the relationships Davidson experienced in the year 2020. Each song has a totally different breakup vibe to offer, giving us heartbreaking and empowering all at once with a hint of redemption. She provides us a look into her life with personal in-depth lyrics that drive us to feel exactly what she did in the moment of writing these.

The title track, “Hindsight” is the only brand new song with the release of the EP. By far the most anticipated, “Hindsight” does not let us down in any way. Starting out smooth with an emotionally charged chorus written by Davidson and with the help of Clint Wells, the newest addition to the EP might be the one thing to get us through the rest of the year. “I didn’t know what was right / Till I was on the other side / In hindsight” She describes a feeling we’ve all felt perfectly while reminding us that through the hard times, she still came out on top for the better of it.

“2020 came with a lot of feelings and emotions, to say the least, and I have never been happier to be a songwriter and artist with an outlet to express myself. These songs are a reflection of that – a mirror image in my mind’s eye of that past year in which I channeled my thoughts, my life, my everything, into a series of songs co-written with some amazing people who continue to champion me through the light and dark times. I’m proud to release Hindsight Is 2020 – a collection of songs written in 2020, during the quarantine, when life seemed to be standing still – but I wasn’t.”

Lauren Davidson’s seven-track EP is a riveting essay of self-reflection and the empowerment that comes along with coming out of dark places and into the light. She reminds us as listeners that with the knowledge of hindsight, silver linings, and the ability to backfire, we can conquer anything the world throws at us. Whether it be a year-long pandemic or an emotionally charged breakup, she’s got us covered with the release of Hindsight Is 2020.

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