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Lily Rose "In My Drinks" Song Review

Dynamic singer-songwriter Lily Rose is back with a brand new song. "In My Drinks" proves she will continue to rise above the rest of the pack of emerging artists.

Rose released her most recent single "I'd Be You" just last month. The singer made waves with tracks like "Villain" and "Know My Way Around." Since her debut album Stronger Than I Am, Rose has displayed bold lyricism and a personal sense of style. Words like "trailblazer" and "groundbreaking" are often used to describe the Georgia native. With every new music release, fans can be amazed at what she brings to the table.

"In My Drinks" happens to be about the heartbreak that manages to make people want to move. The production makes the track catchy and able to stay in one's head long after the first listen. It contains the rock element that makes Rose stand out and gives her the edge.

"I only see her in my drinks in between the bourbon and beer (yeah) / Long as I’m still buzzing she’s sitting right here / Cause it’s clear when I’m sober that it’s over with the girl of my dreams / Now I only see her in my drinks (oh yeah)." "In My Drinks" is honest and r