Lily Rose “Know My Way Around” Song Review

Lily Rose released her brand new single titled “Know My Way Around” on Friday, July 23. A snippet of the song was posted by Rose on Tiktok and has garnered over 2 million views. Fans were dying to hear the new song, so now the complete studio version has finally arrived.

Rose is currently heating up streaming platforms with songs “Overnight Sensation” and “Remind Me of You.” Blending country and rock with enhanced pop production, Rose is carving out her own path. Fans have come to love the uniqueness of this newcomer. Chis Lane is one of those fans, as he invited Rose to join him on the Fill Them Boots tour this fall.

“Know My Way Around” is about wanting to explore the possibilities that come with meeting someone new. Rose describes knowing other aspects of her life so well like backroads and how to have a good time when really she just wants to know the person who caught her eye. Hooks in this song are produced at the highest quality. The chorus contains some of the catchiest lyrics like “But ever since you walked in, only thing that I’ve been thinking ‘bout is my next move.”

Lily Rose Know My Way Around

With a style that sounds like it could be from a downtown bar, Rose can only come across as authentic. This single release is no exception. “Know My Way Around” could be played at just about any party, or on a drive home. The tone and quality of Rose’s voice feels so natural to the listener’s ear. The lyrics and overall production drive the song into a modern direction, all the while staying true to the elements of a great country song.

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