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Lily Rose “Stronger Than I Am” Song Review

In anticipation of her debut album, Lily Rose releases her title song “Stronger Than I Am” which illustrates the relationships between: heartbreak, drinking, and most of all– country music. She introduces this concept through a powerful lyric video in which she sets the stage for the rest of her visual album, due October 1st, with one simple line: To Be Continued...

Though “Stronger Than I Am” is only Rose’s fifth released song, she is deemed an “overnight sensation” by racking up over 78M streams since her debut in December 2020. Platforms like Billboard, Rolling Stone, and CMT are some, but not the only, to feature her success. CMT’s new digital series Viral to Verified, claims Rose as a rising star, which is only showing to be true as she joins Chris Lane’s Fill Them Boots tour beginning next month.

“When it comes to ‘Stronger Than I Am,’ I’ve honestly never been more excited for a song,” shares Rose. “When I first heard it, I knew it was a story I would be able to passionately tell and create a moment with fans. It includes everything a great Country song needs: a little bit of sadness, a little bit of drinking, and an incredible hook.”

“Sometimes I feel stronger than I am / Sometimes I can handle my own / Sometimes my day goes just like I planned / Sometimes I forget that you’re gone / Sometimes I pick myself up and I shake the dust off / But tonight I don’t feel like I can / That’s why I’m sitting here sippin’ / On something that’s stronger than I am”