Lily Rose Surprise Releases New Songs

Country artist Lily Rose continues to take the country music scene by storm with the release of three new songs for her debut project Stronger Than I Am. The project was originally released on October 1 to critical acclaim. However, Rose told her fans that if they could get the “Stronger Than I Am” music video to 500 thousand views then she would add 3 new songs to the project. Fans achieved and Rose announced that she would deliver the tracks on October 29. You may know Rose from her TikTok viral hit, “Villain,” but these new songs continue to show the world who Rose is as an artist.

The first of the new songs is “Someone New In Town.” Written by Rocky Block, John Byron, and Jordan Gray, this track is described as a “spiritual descendent of emotional standouts like “That Ain’t My Truck” and “Every Light In The House.” “Someone New In Town” is a story of heartbreak that tracks the moving on of an ex-lover. Rose describes the sinking feeling of seeing your ex with someone new and how hard it is to cope with those feelings. The writing on this song is very descriptive, even down to an image of a dent in a car. The rootsy production with Rose’s twangy soulful voice makes this song hauntingly beautiful.

“Every Last One” shows off the genre non-conforming side of Rose’s artistry. The track is a blend of a hip-hop beat, a slow-riding R&B flow, paired with country songwriting and instrumentation. She brings bold and confident energy to this romantic falling-in-love song through the lyrics and her vocal delivery. All in all, Rose blends these influences to create a style of her own that she excels in.

Rose describes the third and final new track, “I’d Be Lyin,’” as “one of the best songwriting songs” on this project. Written by Matt Dragstrem, Jordan Minton, and Rose herself, this track showcases Rose’s songwriting skills. The main hook of the song is the wordplay on the phrase “I’d Be Lyin’” which is used multiple ways throughout the song. The sad, moody production perfectly compliments the mixed feelings of wanting to be back with your ex, but still being upset about the breakup. Sonically and lyrically, this is a standout track for Rose that showcases her versatility as an artist.

These additional tracks add a new edge to Rose’s Stronger Than I Am project and they prove that Lily Rose is here to stay. Her ability to adapt and excel in the different styles of songs that she records and releases, sets her apart from many of country music’s rising stars. Fans will be thrilled to know that they can hear these songs live because Rose will be joining Chris Lane early next year on his ‘Fill Them Boots Tour.’

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