Lindsay Ell "Right On Time" Song Review

Lindsay Ell is taking the country music industry by storm with over 200 million global career streams; Forbes Magazine has even listed her as “one of the most exciting and talented young artists." Ell has been nominated for several awards, including ACM New Female Vocalist and CMT Social Superstar. The singer has also hosted Canada’s Got Talent and co-hosted the 2021 CCMA Awards. In the midst of all these exciting career adventures, Ell has also released her newest single, “Right On Time."

Ell’s “Right On Time” is a comfort song for those who might feel behind in life; the lyrics are fresh, upbeat, and relatable. Ell reassures those that are scared of missing out on having the “dream life” that they're right where they need to be. The track conveys a message of personal growth and discovering who you are.

She taps into a specific idea of feeling behind those around hers, specifically a friend whose getting married. Ell, as most humans do, compares herself as she sings the first verse, "I don't know what the hell that girl does / I can't even find a plus one / My momma says I'm just too picky / I guess, but isn't that better than selling life short / For someone you're settling for?"

She answers her own question later on when she exclaims, "I'm either optimistic or a little naive / I'm everywhere and nowhere that I thought I would be / 30 years later and I gotta believe that I'm / Either late to the party or right on time."

Ell’s smooth alto range accompanies her through the verses and choruses. The upbeat instrumental with enticing percussion also adds to the overall feeling of the tune. “Right On Time” reassures listeners that life is going to be alright without overly fake happy-go-lucky advice. Ell is real and hopeful.

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