Lindsay James “Behind” Song Review

As we head into the holiday weekend, rising artist Lindsay James who was recently signed to the powerhouse team behind country stars like Dustin Lynch and Sam Hunt, couldn’t have timed the release of her new song “Behind” any better. This buoyant and high-spirited new single written by James herself, Jared Scott, Luke Preston, and Sam Martinez, is out to the public today Friday, July 2nd, giving everyone just enough time to add it to their 4th of July and feel good playlists.

Taking a look back on the challenging year we’ve had, we were faced with numerous difficulties but were also given the chance to learn some valuable lessons we can hold onto as life continues. After having a discussion with her dad, James so effortlessly morphed important reminders, like leaving the past behind us, living in the present, and being excited for the future into heartwarming lyrics.

Lindsay James Behind

“We can leave it all behind / Find some freedom on the tires chasin’ telephone wires to a sunny state of mind / With our worries in the dust sippin’ cherry coke and rum”

Not only does the lyrical content in “Behind” do an incredible job at evoking fans to leave the things that don’t matter in the past, but also greatly emphasizes the fact that after everything we have pushed through, we are very deserving to take the time to get lost in refreshing and exciting moments alongside the ones who make everything feel like sunshine.

“We deserve a good time right now you and I / We can leave it all behind/ We’ve been going through the motions babe / I think it’s time we catch a new wave, ride it to a new place”

From beginning to end of this cheerful new track, James provides anyone who is listening with the importance of how beneficial it is, now more than ever, to make sure you’re dedicating your time to doing things that don’t reflect solely on the past.

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