Linen Ray 'On The Mend' Album Review

Folk duo, Linen Ray, comprised of Rebekah and Gabriel Craft, have been gaining traction in

the country music space. The couple has been covered in Authority Magazine as rising Nashville stars and in UK’s classic rock hub The Strange Brew. Their single “Love Ain’t Easy” was Lt. Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week on Nashville’s Lighting 100. All it took was a little move to Nashville for the couple to track down more inspiration and release their newest album which drops today, May 13th, 2022.

The album titled On The Mend was worked on by Patrick Jordan who has previously worked with artists like Matt Wilde, Young Rebel Set, and Cattle & Cane. When discussing their music in a press release, Rebekah stated, “We have a story to share, and we’re hoping that we’ll help others through our music. Our songs are vulnerable and thought-provoking, and they take the listener through a journey of healing and recovery. We write about our personal and life experiences. We do a lot of soul-searching while we write, and we want to be as transparent as possible.” 

The album brings many colors to light with some tracks that will inspire listeners to twirl around the living room while other songs featured will provoke a state of complex

thinking. The collection pulls in aspects of gospel music with “Love Ain’t Easy” and “Fire and Rain."

Some tracks, such as “Can’t Stop” feature a spicy guitar that compliments the provocative songwriting. The production is full and warm yet, upbeat and moves fluently. In contrast, there are also soft ballads such as “Wounded Heart,” “Apple of My Eye,” and nothing but angelic vocals featured prominently in the title track “On The Mend."

The vocal performances throughout this collection are prominent with pleasant emphasis on background vocals. This album, created with the intention to heal both the writers and the audience, will do just that.

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