Little Big Town "Hell Yeah" Song Review

Grammy-winning country group Little Big Town is back with a new single called “Hell Yeah.” The band debuted the new song at the CMT Music Awards after releasing it earlier that day, April 111th; it was an official crowd pleaser as its first live performance before dropping into country radio stations that night.

The quartet introduces the song with a moment of playful whistling that brings listeners into the opening lines, “Hell no I don't talk about you no more / What would I do that for? / Ain't no need messing with my good time / Hell nah I don't sit around by myself / Feelin' better than I ever felt / At least I know that's what it looks like." Member Phillip Sweet take the lead vocals on this track making it different from many of their previous singles; his vocals have a warm and inviting twang.

As the song progresses, the group moves into significant wordplay that's featured throughout the lyricism going back and forth from “Hell no / nah” to the phraseHell Yeah:” the song's title. Something that LBT fans have come to expect like second nature are the smooth sounding harmonies from the four members. "Hell Yeah" features those breathtaking four-part vocal sounds that intertwine in a divine nature. They're especially heard in the track's vibrant chorus.

Another place where the group has fun playing around with the lyrics is at the end of each chorus singing, “You've moved on and I'm still here in hell, yeah.” When the group sings the lyrics there is more of an emphasis on the word “Hell” and not “Yeah” which makes it seem like it's not a cohesive phrase but the title suggests otherwise.

Credit to the emotions conveyed in this quick-witted tune need to be given to the songwriters. Both Phillip Sweet and Jimi Westbrook of Little Big Town participated in the writing alongside Corey Crowder and Tyler Hubbard. Together, the four of them created a catchy, fresh-sounding country theme with amusing storytelling.

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