LOCASH ‘Woods & Water’ EP Review

With 500 million streams, two #1s, and three GOLD-certified hits, needless to say, LOCASH is hitting the spotlight. Known for their 2019 GOLD-certified #1 “One Big Country Song” and their album BROTHERS, this Southern- Rock inspired duo is bringing a fresh attitude to the world of country. As if that isn’t enough, national brands have been reaching out to partner with them including none other than MTN DEW. Fans will have to wait until 2022 to see LOCASH on tour, but today, November 5th, 2021 LOCASH released their new EP titled, WOODS & WATER.

LOCASH consists of Chris Lucas, a Baltimore, MD native, and Preston Brust who grew up in Kokomo, IN. WOODS & WATER is inspired by both of their childhoods which becomes clear through the lyrics and playfully optimistic vibes of these tracks. The first song “Beach Boys” pulls in the aspect of “WATER”. The full sound of the track takes you far away from your couch and onto a catamaran with breeze tousled hair and a beer in your hand. Switch out your whiskey for tequila and get “ship-wrecked” with LOCASH on the ocean.


The second track “In The Woods” grabs your attention for the “WOODS” aspect of the project. The playful, bouncing percussion and production keeps the listener’s ears busy sparking curiosity and mirroring the feeling of wandering through the woods just to get lost. The fourth song on WOODS & WATER, “Small Town For Life” shows their dedication to small town life while still living large. This ballad is nothing short of an earworm that pulls the concept together. LOCASH didn’t forget to give listeners those mellow, sunny day vibes with the third and fifth tracks on the EP, “Sippin Sunsets” and “Chillionaire”. No matter the time of day, fans will be jamming to this EP in the WOODS & WATER.

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