Logan Mize ‘Welcome To Praireville’ Album Review

Logan Mize, a Kansas native, released his fifth album today, October 1st, 2021. The album, titled Welcome To Prairieville is about a fictitious town. Mize says it best himself, according to his biography “My friend Blake Chaffin and I came up with this imaginary town called Prairieville,” Mize says. “Blake is from Kansas, like me, and we have this certain way of speaking, with similar quirks in the way that we say things. So over the years, we wrote about fifty songs together about this town.”. Eleven of those fifty songs are on this wonderfully, scenic concept album.


The characters in this story are all based on real-life people whom he had grown up with in his hometown. With unique imagery and beautiful storytelling, Mize brings Prairieville to life and does so with splashes of his own color by co-writing all but one track on the album. “Welcome To Prairieville” features songs that are upbeat and uplifting such as “George Strait Songs”, “Follow Your Heart” and “If You Get Lucky”. These tracks give a deeper meaning to some of the experiences in life. Several songs on the album, “Welcome To Prairieville”, “River Road”, “I Need Mike”, “Tell the Truth”, “I Still Miss You” and “It’s About Time” have a slower more daydreamy feel.

Each song including such detailed, strong storytelling the listener can experience Prairieville themselves while enjoying the warm, raspy, familiar tones of Mize’s voice. Of course, no album is complete without a couple of sly, edgy, rock tracks which Mize covers skillfully with “We Ain’t Broke” and “Wine at the Church, Beer at the Bar”.

Logan Mize

Although written about a fictional town, all the tracks on this album can be paralleled to real-life small towns just like the one Mize grew up in. Everything about this album is a trip. From “River Road”, To “Wine at the Church, Beer at the Bar,” Mize will give you the locals tour. Buckle in and get ready to pull up to Prairieville, only Mize knows what’s in store.  

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