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Luke Bryan "Prayin' In A Deer Stand" Song Review

Country superstar Luke Bryan has given fans a song just in time for hunting season. His new song, "Prayin' In A Deer Stand," will have everyone adding it to their fall playlists.

Fresh off of his release of radio favorite "Country On," Bryan has wasted no time giving a taste of even more new music. The singer is also getting ready to host the 2022 CMA Awards alongside Peyton Manning. Fans have long adored Bryan's charm just as much as they love his music, so hosting for a second year should be a welcomed event.

Written by Nicolle Galyon, Jimmy Robbins, and Bryan himself, "Prayin' In A Deer Stand" has quite a literal meaning. Bryan, and avid hunter, sings about where he feels the closest to God: surrounded by nature, he feels this is where he's at peace. "Thinking bout life on a cold sunrise, yeah that's my heaven on Earth." Everyone has a special place to which they can escape. Whether that is in a church pew or a favorite quiet place, Bryan understands that it may look different to most people.

This track has a slow and steady tempo that suits the song's message. Bryan always seems