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Luke Grimes "Hold On" Song Review

Actor and singer Luke Grimes released another song that is bound to get country fans even more intrigued. "Hold On" happens to be a soaring example of his true musical talents.

Grimes is best known for his work on the popular television show, Yellowstone. Playing Kayce Dutton, he portrays the intuitive and loyal son of Montana. His music releases thus far prove he holds those same sentiments dear. His debut single "No Horse To Ride" enticed many to see who Grimes really is. Working with some of the best writers and producers Nashville has to offer, it's hard to see his endeavors going wrong.

"Hold On" paints a picture of the push and pull that can happen in a relationship. Grimes begins the song by singing, "Hold me, I don't recommend that you adore me, if you do, don't say I didn't warn you." The track's lyrics emphasize a heart that is afraid to be open for someone. Love can be a game of chance, and this perspective seems reluctant, to say the least.