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Luke Grimes "No Horse To Ride" Song Review

Actor and singer Luke Grimes has released an aptly titled song "No Horse To Ride." This track will leave fans of the hit TV show Yellowstone grinning as much as a new episode does.

Grimes has been an actor long before his role as Kayce Dutton. He has appeared in films such as American Sniper and The Magnificent Seven as well as TV shows like True Blood. He has previously hinted that he would like to pursue a solo music career as music has always been a passion of his. Grimes recently signed a record deal with Universal Music Group Nashville in the pursuit of a full-length album.

"No Horse To Ride" is produced by Dave Cobb and written by Grimes, Jonathan Singleton, and Tony Lane. The title and thee of this song couldn't be more appropriate for Grimes, as he is known as a cowboy. His voice has a wise notion to it; he radiates like a man who has seen a lot in his life. As each line progresses, it's evident Grimes can sing acoustic country music to rival the best of them.

Grimes is singing from the perspective of showing