MacKenzie Porter “Coming Soon To A Bar Near You” Song Review

Big Loud Records rising star MacKenzie Porter is topping off a momentous 2021 with the release of “Coming Soon To A Bar Near You” on December 3rd. This release follows an action-packed November for Porter. Earlier in the month, Porter made her late-night TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! joining Dustin Lynch for a performance of their top five U.S. country radio hit “Thinking Bout You.” Two days later on November 12th, she made her Grand Ole Opry debut and was joined on stage by her sister, making that night a special moment for both of them. Towards the end of November, Porter and Lynch made the Canadian TV debut of  “Thinking Bout You” at the CCMA Awards where she was nominated in four categories.

“Coming Soon To A Bar Near You” was produced by mega-producer Joey Moi and was written by hit songwriters Hillary Lindsey, Amy Wadge, and Emily Weisband. Porter describes the essence of the track by explaining, “where all the broken hearts go to try to heal and all of the different ways we try to forget how we got there. It’s about heading to a bar after a breakup to fill that hole in your chest. It never usually works but we all still do it anyways.”

This song is a vulnerable and relatable ballad. The vulnerability comes through in the lyrics and the vocal delivery, but that’s also where the relatability shines. If the listener hasn’t been in that position themselves, they surely know someone who has been there. The lyrics describe how people are doing the same thing by going to the bar to get over a heartbreak, but just expressing it in different ways. “And there’ll be one in the corner by the bathroom / Sippin’ on something extra strong / There’ll be another one by the jukebox/ Playing a forget about you song / And one will be kissin' a stranger/ After tossin’ back a few.”

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