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Maddie & Tae "Heart They Didn't Break" Song Review

The duo known as Maddie & Tae surprised their fans by releasing a brand new song. "Heart They Didn't Break" is an empowering song about friendship that many didn't know they needed to hear.

Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr never cease to release honest and meaningful music. They have been singing and making a statement ever since they released their debut single "Girl In A Country Song" back in 2015. In 2022, the duo released two EPs that truly showcased they aren't afraid to sing about real topics that relate to young women. From songs about finding oneself, forgiveness, and complex matters of the heart, Font and Kerr continue to stay true to themselves.

The duo declared on social media that "Heart They Didn't Break" is the sister song to their hit single "Die From A Broken Heart." In truth, this track does mirror some of the lyrics. "Heart They Didn't Break" is from the perspective of thanking one's friends for being there when a breakup occurs. A tune like this does feel rare and exudes the power of friendship, unlike songs before it. "She ain't the one that made me feel like I ain't good enough / But someone's gotta help clean up the mess you went and made / So, here's to friends there to fix a heart they didn't break." The simple yet poetic song fills a hole that many have felt in their time while being grateful for their loved ones.

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