Maddie & Tae “Life Ain’t Fair” Song Review

Maddie & Tae released their brand new single “Life Ain’t Fair” on Friday, August 6. The award-nominated duo comprised of Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye also released a video to accompany the song. “Life Ain’t Fair” follows the release of the previous single “Woman You Got.” Both the song and video are feel-good releases for the winding down of summer.

The duo has had quite the ride in their career. After bursting on to the top of the charts with “Girl In A Country Song” in 2015, they followed that up with another hit “Fly.” Switching to their new home UMG Nashville has allowed for these singer-songwriters to find their voice. Another #1 song “Die From A Broken Heart” along with their album The Way It Feels released just last year truly showcases their growth as artists. 

“Life Ain’t Fair” follows common themes found in Maddie & Tae’s music: confidence, honesty, and a touch of female empowerment. This song in particular is about understanding that life has highs and lows, sometimes more lows. Learning to brush off any negativity that comes along. “Tell me something, do y’all ever feel like you’re the punchline to the joke? And don’t it feel like every single rainbow’s missin’ that pot of gold?”

The production of this song makes it an up-tempo track, which helps push along the message. Lyrics in the chorus can especially feel like an ear worm made to be heard on the radio. “Life ain’t fair, shit goes wrong, bad guys win, and ride right off.” Maddie & Tae’s recent releases demonstrate maturity in their sound. Even songs that make you want to have a good time can allow for some self-reflecting.

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