Maddie & Tae “Mood Ring” Song Review

Maddie & Tae’s latest track, which came out on May 14th, is “Mood Ring” which blends the sentiments of truth and clever humor while also combining the country, rock, and pop genres.

The lyrics start with juxtapositions in how the subject of the song behaves, singing that they are “dark / when it’s sunny,” and that they “don’t laugh / when it’s funny.” These comparisons drive home a serious point that we can all relate to since we’ve all experienced a person who constantly changes their moods and is unpredictable.

Written by the ladies along with prominet songwriters Natalie Hemby and Jimmy Robbins, “Mood Ring” then goes on to point out all of the other reasons that they are over this relationship that has them constantly second guessing themselves. Clever wordplay in lines like, “Don’t need a rock, on my finger / just something that won’t turn it green,” reiterating how authenticity is truly valued.

The song features an impressive guitar interlude. The guitar is prominently featured in this song, and it helps to give a moody (pun intended) vibe. It then goes into a section about how the girls wish they could “return” the subject of the song, which is a funny bit, but also recognizes how we sometimes wish we could get the time back that we wasted on someone. 

Maddie and Tae continue to release music that their fans not only can relate to but show their fun and sophisticated sides.

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