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Maddie & Tae "Spring Cleaning" Song Review

The duo known as Maddie & Tae released their new song titled "Spring Cleaning." Always charming and a breath of fresh air in country music, they never fail to relate to exactly what their fans need.

This new release comes in anticipation of their upcoming project, Through The Madness:Vol. 2. Font and Kerr have already shared their song "Every Night Every Morning" with fans preceding the release. Through The Madness: Vol. 1 ushered in a new era for the duo who have found much success already in their career. With songs on the first volume like "Strangers" and "What It's Like Loving You," the duo show how writing from a female perspective gives a heightened sense of depth.

A song like "Spring Cleaning" is meant to be a wake-up call. A lot of people can connect with needing to let go of toxic energy, especially toxic relationships. The duo gives those who are a struggling with that decision a boost to get rid of what is causing them distress. This track is about finding courage to step away once and for all.

"You're takin' up space / It'