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Maddie & Tae “Strangers” Song Review

Award-winning country female duo Maddie & Tae’s newest single, “Strangers,” excites fans with what’s to come in 2022. In their newest song, Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr reflect on how much their lives have changed with their husbands over the last three years. “Strangers” is their third released track for their upcoming album Through the Madness Vol. 1.

The piano opens the ballad, with verses describing their fated connections. “There’s no way I found you on my own / ‘Cause loving you’s like breathing, don’t you know?”

Following their two previously released songs, “Woman you Got” and “Madness”, “Strangers” continues the romantic chapter of their music that fans can look forward to.

In the chorus, the duo questions how the couples were ever strangers, living without each other. “How were we ever strangers? / Seems crazy to me now / Haven’t I known you forever? / ‘Cause the thought of the days without / You and all your love / Have all but disappeared / I’ll never be convinced, baby, that you weren’t always here / How were we ever strangers?”

Maddie & Tae Strangers

The verses continue with the sweet storytelling of their partnership they have with their husbands, “You’re the first call I make when the sky falls / You’re the hand that I’m holding when it’s blue / You’re the curtains closed when I need to hide out / You’re the light when I need it shining through /There’s always been something I’m running to / There’s never been a time it wasn’t you.”

After their 2015 CMA Award for Music Video of the Year with “Girl in a Country Song,” we already imagine the possibilities for the “Strangers” music video.

The simplicity of the piano in the verses and their signature harmonies guarantee this heartfelt track will quickly become one of your favorites. This full-circle song tugs at heartstrings that makes for another first-dance song to add to your list.

Through the Madness Vol. 1 will be released on January 28th, featuring their most recent singles, including “Madness” and “Woman You Got,” along with six new songs. Fans can pre-order and pre-save the album here.

Through the Madness Vol. 1 Track List:

  1. What It’s Like Loving You

  2. Woman You Got

  3. Don’t Make Her Look Dumb

  4. Grown Man Cry

  5. Madness

  6. The Other Side

  7. Wish You The Best

  8. Strangers

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