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Maddie & Tae ‘Through The Madness Vol. 1’ EP Review

Platinum-selling duo Maddie & Tae released their brand new album aptly titled Through The Madness Vol. 1 on Friday, January 28th. Just like a breath of fresh air, the singer-songwriters prove that baring your soul through music never gets old.

The duo, comprised of Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr, has been open about their journey while chasing their musical dreams. After bursting onto the scene with the smash hit “Girl in a Country Song” and an album that followed, Font and Kerr parted ways with their label and faced uncertainty. They focused on their songwriting as they navigated career pressure and faulty relationships. Since then, Font and Kerr earned another No. 1 hit with “Die From a Broken Heart,” toured with Carrie Underwood, and released their album The Way It Feels in 2020. Now the duo, both married, have come into their own as women and are ready to share new music.

In today’s world, a song like “Madness” is as comforting as a track could get. Finding someone to say “I’ll love you through the madness” is all anyone could wish for. Both members of the group find themselves in loving relationships now, which can be felt in most of their writing. “Strangers” is another song that is bound to make someone long for love.

“There’s no way I found you on my own / ‘Cause loving you’s like breathing, don’t you know? How were we ever strangers? Seems crazy to me now / Haven’t I known you forever? / ‘Cause the thought of the days without you and all your love have all, but disappeared /  I’ll never be convinced, baby, that you weren’t always here.”