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Madison Kozak “If We Were A Country Song” Song Review

Madison Kozak is back with brand new music. The rising singer has released her brand song “If We Were A Country Song." She also released a music video to go along with the single.

Kozak’s debut single “First Last Name” garnered much attention with its release back in 2018. The release earned her a publishing deal with Big Loud Records, which caught the attention of singer-songwriter Nicolle Gaylon. Gaylon then launched her own female-driven label Songs & Daughters, and Kozak became its flagship artist. Kozak graduated from Belmont University around this time with a degree in Music Business. In 2021, she was named on CMT’s 2021 Listen Up list.

“If We Were A Country Song” is Kozak’s first release in over two years. The ballad starts off with a somber melody that suits Kozak’s voice perfectly. It’s the type of tune that blends a pop-influenced arrangement with a classic country sound into a sweet love song. The production quality is bound to take listeners back in time to the ballads of years past making it feel nostalgic.

The lyrics ponder the idea of a type of love song that would represent a relationship that is more sour than sweet. An intense storm of emotion rather than the enduring kind. “If we were a country song / We would be the kind people break up to, make love all night, like whiskey and vinyl / Certified gold, hanging on the mantle, with a million teardrops sold.”