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Madison Parks "Best Ones Do" Song Review

Promising newcomer Madison Parks has a new song to share with the world. "Best Ones Do" is as heartfelt and loving as the voice behind the lyrics.

Parks hails from Georgia and discovered her love of music at an early age. Songwriting especially caught her attention. “I fell in love with how words could fit together so perfectly and how if you are feeling an emotion, chances are so is someone else," shared Parks in a press release. She has previously released a song titled "20 Something" which indicates how relatable her writing can be.

This song was co-written and co-produced by Matt McVaney, who has worked with Kane Brown and Chase Rice."Best Ones Do" combines pop and country to paint a sweet picture. “I wrote this song for all the girls who were raised with their dads setting the bar high and being the first example of how you should be treated by a guy,” noted Parks. In essence, this track is about a daughter reporting to her dad after a date, and thanks him for teaching her to only expect the best. "He showed up right on time / yeah, a little early / made sure to open up my door / even polished up his Ford." </