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Mae Estes "I Quit Smokin'" Song Review

Mae Estes dropped her latest track “I Quit Smokin’” on Wednesday, June 22nd further cementing herself as an up and coming force to be reckoned with on the Nashville music scene.

Estes began her career at a grassroots level. She gave her first concert at 7 years old, when she sang the National Anthem in the middle of an arena during a rodeo show in southwest Arkansas. The Hope, Arkansas native, sang at every rodeo she competed in, as well as other sporting events, nearby hayrides and oprys. Estes moved to Nashville in 2015, working up to three jobs at a time to stay afloat financially and playing for anyone who'd listen in her time off.

But the same grit and determination Estes brought with her to Music City still remains. Her journey as an artist and a storyteller is perfectly encapsulated by the sassy and brassy nature of “I Quit Smokin.’” The lyrics are witty and fast paced, and Estes stands firm in her decision to break up with her bad habit: “I quit smokin’ the stuff you’re rolling a long, long time ago," she states.

Estes occupies the role of singer and storyteller, and she takes both on unapologetically. With a soulful voice speaking truth beyond her years, she spins a compelling tale of someone who’s been around the block before, who knows herself and her worth, and isn’t going to be taken advantage of. It’s an important message to send to young women. Estes offers a uniquely female perspective in a genre heavily influenced by hyper-masculinity. Dolly would be proud.

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