Mae Estes "Thinkin Bout Cheatin" Song Review

After graduating college Mae Estes packed her bags, left her home state of Arkansas, and headed 400 miles east to Nashville to pursue her dreams of being a singer. Since 2015, Estes has been absorbing all the industry knowledge that the Music City has to offer, especially when it comes to writing, recording, and performing. Learning from traditional artists such as Lee Ann Womack and Keith Whitley, she has been able to merge the timelessness of classic country music with that of modern melodies in order to create such artistry for her career.

In her newest single, “Thinkin ‘Bout Cheatin” Estes addresses her listeners through a thought-provoking and mid-tempo classic country tune, a conversation no one wants to have with their significant other, yet many do.

Estes gives an enlightened sense of humor to the track, stating in the chorus, “And I just had to tell you / Cause it’s something I thought I’d never do / Ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout leavin’ / But I've been thinkin’ ‘bout cheatin.'" Such humor is ultimately based on an idea shared by couples across the world. This concept is one in which no one wants to leave the person they have promised the rest of their life to, but rather just get a taste for a new person to bring back that passion that slowly dissipates after falling into the routine of a relationship.

This unapologetic point of view is one that typically gets swept under the rug and forgotten about until a rainy day, but by bringing it to the forefront through her new single, Mae Estes is able to further develop her career and authority within the world of the country genre.

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