Maggie Baugh “Think About Me” Song Review

Rising country singer Maggie Baugh is a performer; she’s even said that her “heart is on the stage.” Before the pandemic she was constantly playing shows and was always out on the road performing wherever she could. When the Coronavirus took that away, she felt lost. With much time spent inside, Baugh decided to hone in on her writing skills and what came from it was a new track called, “Think About Me.” A song that she says might sound like a typical breakup song, but is actually a lot more when you look beneath the surface. 

The song starts with an acoustic guitar backed by a gorgeous instrumental. The music in the background is subtle and spacious which gives Baugh’s voice the perfect pathway to center stage. When her singing first comes in it’s emotional and vulnerable. In the second chorus, the drums pick up and add more levity to the track’s progression. She sings, “And when you go to the same old bar, the one from the night where you stole my heart, do you still drink the same old whiskey?” As the song goes on, she continues to ask the person she’s addressing in the track, “Do you still think about me?”

This song is nostalgic and heartfelt. Baugh questions if this person is thinking about her because it’s clear that she can’t stop thinking of them either; she’s begging to know if the feelings are being reciprocated. The lyricism can also be interpreted in many ways and that’s what makes music, and this song in particular, so powerful. Baugh spent her time over quarantine falling back in love with music, and her passion lies evident in the songwriting and emotive vocal performance in “Think About Me.”

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