Maren Morris Announces Her Next Album ‘Humble Quest’

Maren Morris just announced that her third studio album, Humble Quest will be available everywhere you buy or stream music on March 25th.

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Morris explains in an Instagram post how the pandemic affected her mental state and her songwriting and how in such a dark time, she was reveling in the realization that we as humans, never really have control. The songs on this project she explains, “weren’t fitting with the times, they were distracting and eventually saving me from the times.”

The first release, “Circles Around This Town”, which dropped last Friday, January 7th opens this new chapter in a way that only nostalgia of the past and looks back on how you got to where you are today.

Track List for Humble Quest

  1. Circles Around This Town

  2. The Furthest Thing

  3. I Can’t Love You Anymore

  4. Humble Quest

  5. Background Music

  6. Nervous

  7. Tall Guys

  8. Detour

  9. Hummingbird

  10. Good Friends

  11. What Would This World Do

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