Maren Morris “Background Music” Song Review

Maren Morris has broken through country music with her two major studio albums, HERO and GIRL. Last month, she announced her third album titled Humble Quest which is set to be released on March 25th, 2022. As fans anxiously await her new collection, she has blessed her listeners with a new track titled “Background Music,” which dropped today, February 11th, 2022.

The song starts out with an electric guitar melody saturated with reverb. Quickly, Morris’ iconic voice takes center stage. The track continues with a stadium sound, demanding the attention of the listener with relatable lyrics and conviction. Surrounded by unavoidable emotion, Morris sings, “We got time but we’re only human / We call it forever but we know there’s an end to it / You and I can dance our way through it / And I’ll love you ‘til all that we are is background music.”

As Morris transitions into the second verse, the whole band joins in, embellishing the groove of this bittersweet lullaby. The overall sound of this track surrounds the listener like a welcoming hug from an old friend. The production, both beautiful and inviting, is incredibly effective in creating a familiar ambiance. Using a pair of headphones will give listeners the opportunity to be submerged in the full effect of this intimate artistry and storytelling.

What makes this song particular special is the downcast twist that tints the track. With Morris’ talent, writing, and production this song will never be “Background Music.”

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