Maren Morris the Songwriter: 6 Tracks You Didn’t Know She Wrote

Texas native Maren Morris quickly rose to stardom after releasing her album Hero in 2016. Since then, fans have had her songs on repeat such as “My Church,” “80s Mercedes,” and “The Middle.” However, did you know that she has written songs for other artists? From Tim McGraw to Kelly Clarkson to even the hit show Nashville, Morris has been able to put her stamp on their careers through her powerful writing. It is through her lyrics that Morris is able to paint an image in the minds of the listeners, making it understandable why such profound artists would choose to include her songs among their own. Some of her most recognized songs that are featured on the albums of these artists are as follows:

1. “Last Turn Home” sung by Tim McGraw on his album Sundown Heaven Town (2014)

“Oh, oh, thank God that we don’t have to be alone / Closer I get the more that my heart knows / You’re like that last turn home / That last turn home.”

2. “Second Wind” sung by Kelly Clarkson on her album Piece by Piece (2015)

“Say what you want about me / Your words are gasoline on my fire / You can hate me, underestimate me / Do what you do ’cause what you do don’t phase me / Just when you think I’m at the end / Any second I’mma catch my second wind.”

3. “Greener Pastures” sung by Brothers Osbourne on their album Pawn Shop (2016)

“I’m movin’ on to greener pastures / Gettin’ stoned so it don’t matter / I tried prayin’ to the Man up high / I tried drinkin’ ’til the well ran dry / I’m movin’ on to greener pastures.”

4. “Boomtown” sung by Hayden Panettiere and Will Chase on The Music of Nashville: Season 4 Volume 2 (2016)

“When that dirt runs out of gold / And the diamonds turn back to coal / So much water till the well runs out / Our hearts start to rush / And the love don’t polish up / You’re right, love, it always comes back down / Some time / This love is a boomtown.”

5. “Open All Night” sung by Jessie James Decker from her album Southern Girl City Lights (2017)

“I know a place that’s open all night / Doesn’t even start to rocking ’til after midnight / Just a little tin shack with a bar out back / Knock three times on the side door / Get your drink, get your girl on the dance floor / Everybody’s feeling alright / We’re open all night.”

6. “Pass It On” sung by Ryan Hurd from his album Pelago (2021)

“What good is your dollar or your love or your bottle / If you keep it all to yourself / There’s enough to go around / So send it on down / ‘Cause you can’t take it with you when you’re gone / So pass it on, pass it on, pass it on.”

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