Mark Elliott “Drunk for Nothin'” Song Review

Heralded songwriter Mark Elliott grew up in the bluegrass and folk music scene of Washington, DC. Elliot’s talent for songwriting took him to Nashville where his songs hit the Billboard Top 40 charts and Music City started to take notice of his talent as a singer. Elliott is currently singing and touring as a member of the Panoramic-Americana trio Runaway Home and recently released a solo single “Drunk for Nothin'” on November 22nd, 2021.

“Drunk for Nothin’” shows off Elliott’s masterful writing talent showcased by a raspy country voice that knows how to ebb and flow to tell a story. Knocking back a few drinks for the sake of it is not a novel subject for a country music song, but Elliott’s thoughtful tone and introspective poetic lyrics point to a philosophical undertone and existential motivation for taking a moment to remember to enjoy life for life’s sake.

“Tonight, it ain’t about a party. No celebration, not here for anybody. Tonight, nobody’s dyin’, nobody’s cheatin’, nobody’s lyin’. I’m not here to forget about something. Tonight I’m getting drunk for nothin.’”

Elliott has mastered the art of disguising a heartfelt message about a profound topic as a fun drinking song delivered with a carefree, country timbre that is as palatable to our senses as his “double-shot of carefree with a lime.” “Drunk for Nothin’” has everything a country music song needs to be great with a dash of extra flavor that comes from Elliott’s extraordinary conquering of his craft.

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