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Mason Horne and Taylor Austin Dye "Tonight I Need You" Song Review

Mason Horne has been playing guitar since he was 5 years old and writing music since he was 10. Now, at only 20, Horne has released his latest single, “Tonight I Need You.” This new single is a collaboration with up-and-coming artist, Taylor Austin Dye. Horne’s timeless vocals paired with Dye’s beautiful range make for an amazing new song about heartbreak.

The song illustrates the relatability of a breakup, “Tell me how to fix it / Tell me what to do / Cause I don’t wanna go another day missing you.” Horne has a talent for conveying his emotion through more than just the lyrics, his vocal technique is enough to communicate the sadness that heartbreak has brought him.

In a press release regarding the song, Horne said he wrote the song “about that moment when you know that you messed up in a relationship, but you don’t want to go another night without fixing things.” Dye adds another layer to that, by being the other side of that conversation for the song; Horne's songwriting talent is well-displayed in this track.

Dye’s harmonies bring even more power to the vocals, and her heartfelt sound just adds to the honesty that Horne’s voice has. The lyrics continue the theme of a relatable heartbreak, and they add the storytelling that country music is known for. “I don’t need another empty spot in my bed / Need another memory in my head.” It illustrates the way that every little thing can be a reminder of the heartbreak that Horne and Dye are desperately crooning about.

Horne is an artist to keep an eye on, as he has already caught the attention of major songwriters such as Rhett Atkins, Heath Sanders, Justin Wilson, James Slater, and more. He and Dye are both on their separate tours right now so take advantage of the opportunity to see these up-and-coming stars live in concert.

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