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Matt Jordan "Steering Wheel" Song Review

Matt Jordan is a rising talent, and his latest single proves why. "Steering Wheel" is the third single from his upcoming project, and it happens to have a heartwarming message.

Jordan is a native of Missouri and brings his heartland style to his music. The singer incorporates contemporary country as well as rock. Jordan released his latest album in three versions - The Gamble (October 2022), The Gamble Deluxe Edition (February 2023), and The Gamble LIVE Edition (April 2023.) He recently released "Always A Girl" and "Anyone but Me." Both songs showcase his writing and vocal abilities.

"When I came up with the idea for this song, I was really thinking about my son. He's four years old right now and he's all boy - fun, wild, innocent, and full of joy. I see so much of myself in him already. One thing I've been really open about in other songs and interviews is my tendency to want to fast forward to the next season of life. I've never been great at just being fully present and enjoying the current season of life I'm in," said Jordan in a press release. Through the lyrics, he remains open and honest. This is certainly a track that many parents will find themselves connecting with.

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